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Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership Partners with EPA to Mitigate Harmful Impacts of Lead from Demolition

In 2017, TNP was granted resources to connect residents of Warren with information, models, and best practices regarding safe interaction with urban soil in a post-industrial environment currently experiencing near-constant demolition of vacant property EPA’s Environmental Justice Small Grants program provides funding to help communities understand and manage exposure to environmental hazards and risks.

Safer Practices for Community Greening Projects

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Safer Practices for Community Gardens and Agriculture

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Safer Practices for the Community

Safety is a very important part of any demolition...

Protect Your Family and the Families
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Take our quiz to become a lead-safe individual. Contractors should be trained to minimize the disturbance of lead paint, and to contain any lead paint dust that might be disturbed while working.

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There is no safe level of lead in the blood.